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About Tantra

o tantre
masáž tela
čo je tantra


It is a complex body massage that takes you into the world of deep  pleasure and excitement.

Taste the delight of satisfaction of all your senses and feel the flow of new and unknown sexual energy. During this energy  a mental and physical relax occurs.  At the very beginning you will go through Namaste ritual, the essence of which is to show a respect to the body, proper breathing, synchronizing with a masseuse and tuning to its vibrations, which result in relax and prepare you  for  receiving  the touches . The massage itself  begins with the head area. You  will  slowly  lie on  the stomach and  it continues downward through the neck, by soft touches to the back area and lastly by limbs,  soles of the foot and palms. Tantra lady will ask you to change your position  while you turn to the opposite side where she continues with the front  femoral side, abdomen, arm and ends with intimate parts. During the lingam massage  usually right, longed relax  occurs. Learn  to know yourself, your body, and be able to experience a long-lasting pleasure, which consists of alternation of different techniques namely of sensual touches intermeshing with release of tight muscles. Discover the unexplored corners of your intimacy and afford  a new dimension of your erotic life. Let to caress your body and soul, and taste the flavour of true erotism. Tantra massage is suitable for all ages. Let to pamper  yourself with a gentle touch of the hands of our beautiful masseuses and afford a pleasure of exceptional  bliss. Bring a fresh breeze in your ideas and do not be afraid to inform the masseuse of your desires with which she may work  later on and actually you can experience your most secret wishes.

Tantric massage often leads to orgasm. Do not be afraid of anything, because it is a spontaneous and unaffected experience that  is natural for tantra.

Afford enough time for your relaxation and immerse yourself into a state of weightlessness.

Thus, open your mind, because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.