Ventúrska ulica(Ventúrska street), Bratislava

+421 904 464 927

Pon.(Mon.)-Ned.(Sun.): 09:00-23:01



Welcome ritual

At the entrance to our studio  you are welcomed by beautiful tantra lady of your choice who will offer you a refreshments from our menu.

There is space of time  to  become close and  to know each other.

After this act you are suitably prepared for a passionate and sensual experience.

Namaste Ritual and massage

Masseuse will take you to the bath, where you put on a  sarong / scarf which is used for temporary covering  your intimate areas.

In a relaxed atmosphere Namaste ritual and massage of your choice begins. (Click-through)

After the end of the massage you have time to relax,  to be able to transfer  your body and mind  back to real life.

Then you can  wash off the essential oils that were not absorbed into your skin, in a fragrant bath, where it is provided to you everything you need.

With a cup of herbal tea, you leave with  a feeling  of long-lasting happiness and love.

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