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The Art of Tantra: What can this massage offer?

When someone says tantra or tantric massage, many think it is just a sexual act. Fans of tantra, however, know that sexuality and the art of love, which are the basis of tantric massage, are only part of the teaching, the rest is the philosophy of life.

Touch, stroking, nudity and working with sexuality. That’s how everyone usually imagines tantra and that’s basically what it looks like. However, tantra lovers know that sexual art is only a fraction of what tantra has to offer a person. Tantra is very much associated with sexuality, however, its content includes more. It is the art of everyday meditation, it develops physical and sensory perception, and it leads to open thinking and to actively seeking happiness. According to tantra, the path to happiness leads through touch, sexual energy and through a deeper connection with oneself and one’s partner.

Massage of intimate parties for individuals and couples

Tantric massage is referred to as an intimate ritual that serves to exchange energy and share feelings and experiences. It can be performed by both men and women and is practiced for both individuals and partners. And what is it all about? Massage deepens sexual experience and helps to discover new levels of intimacy. It helps with problems with pregnancy, erectile dysfunction, deepens orgasmic survival and also relieves tension and stress, tantric massage is a great enrichment of intimate life. However, it is only suitable for partners who do not have a problem with jealousy and are open and honest with each other on the level of sex. Younger grades seek inspiration in tantra, older ones often try to improve their daily life with their partner through tantra.

A close connection will help you in sex and in life

Tantra, with her openness, effort to live together and express her feelings and desires hand in hand with access to sexuality, helps in the bedroom to discover new dimensions and contributes to a greater understanding of the partner’s soul in real life. This is mainly due to touching intimate parts, which leads to orgasm, a sense of confidence and openness to the opposite sex. Tantra has a beneficial effect on all the senses.

Find out what you expect from tantra

If an individual or couple opts for a tantric massage, they should first clarify what they expect from a visit to a tantric salon. In the case of a one-off, short-term acquisition of a specific experience, it is appropriate to set clear rules in advance. With regard to repeat visits, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that the experience gained can affect the existing partnership. Everyone will find something different in tantra, it always depends on what one is looking for and to what extent he is able to open himself to his experience, perception and new experiences.