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Do you want to try something special? Try a tantric massage for couple!

Tantric massage is full of excitement, passion, unseen feelings and connections with your partner more than anything else.

Are you thinking of going out with your partner for excitement? Try a massage for couple! With an intimate tantric massage, you can be in the room together and enjoy the sight of your loved one’s satisfaction, you can also enjoy a massage in your own room, where you can fully open up and enjoy your personal intimacy. In both cases, you will have a shared experience that you can talk about later and push your relationship and partnership boundaries further.

Enjoy the excitement of a couple massage ritual

Tantric massage leads to a great relaxation of both partners, opening to a feeling of sensuality and a new experience of excitement. The feeling of intimacy with the masseur, as well as in pairs, leads to an intense feeling of happiness, which is accompanied by euphoric states of joy and ecstasy. This is also the reason why tantra massages are so popular with men, women and couples. However, the degree of openness of each individual and the degree of openness of the couple differ. Some couples want to experience a partner tantra massage as a sensual prelude to lovemaking, which ends the tantric massage ritual. A joint massage is a celebration of the union of a man and a woman, and such an end to the massage is possible if the couple so requests. In this case, the masseur and masseuse leave the partners at a certain stage of the massage and leave them time for their own pleasure.

What is the couple massage?

The second option is that the couple wants to survive the tantra massage in its original form and explore the limits of their own pleasure. It is important for partners to say clearly what and what not and talk to masseurs before starting the massage. Feelings during the tantric massage ritual can be very intense and orgasm can occur. If this is not right for one of the partners, the masseuse or masseur should work from the beginning to distribute the awakened sexual energy so that orgasm does not occur.

Clear the boundaries, avoid disappointment

Consider where your tantric massage should or should not go to fully enjoy it and be a pleasant experience for both of you, which you will be happy to remember. If each of the partners wants something different, you should go slow and respect the limits of the less determined. Be sensitive to each other.

How to use the time after the massage?

After a couple’s tantra massage, you are open to receiving new things! Make the most of this time, go for a walk or dinner together and talk together about what you experienced during the massage, what you liked about it and what you would like from your partner. Don’t be afraid to talk about your desires and visions in the field of eroticism and sexuality, it can move you in real partner life.